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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sellers Won't Run for AG

Attorney General Troy King is one step closer to a clear path to the Republican nomination. Montgomery attorney Will Sellers recently removed his name from the list of potential primary challengers. Instead of undertaking one of the hardest political maneuvers (unseating an incumbent), Sellers will engage in one of the easiest. Sellers will manage Treasurer Kay Ivey's bid for re-election. Ivey is arguably the safest incumbent on the 2006 statewide ballot.

Seller's decision leaves Mark Montiel as the only other known Republican candidate contemplating a race for Attorney General. Though Montiel hasn't announced one way or the other, he does not sound like a candidate gearing up for a statewide run. He seems more focused on the the GOP led lawsuit challenging state legislative lines.

With John Tyson facing only nuisance competition on the Democratic side and no Republicans eager to challenge Troy King, it looks like the long awaited Tyson/King faceoff will begin sooner rather than later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a real shame. Sellers is everything Troy isn't. He's actually practiced law by trying cases in court and representing businesses. Plus, he's been involved in the grass roots of the Republican party for years. He comes from a prominent family with deep ties to the Montgomery community. Sellers would have been an excellent candidate. Kay Ivey has gained a real asset.

9:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think sellers wanted to hurt riley by running against boy king. riley truly showed a lack of judgment with the king appt and to any thinking person, a side by side comparison of sellers/king would only embarrass bob riley.
but sellers also knows that he doesnt want a blood bath with john tyson, who is very popular with republicans... ( yes, the fix is in, so i hear) bye bye troy boy...

10:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Worley and King will both be anchors for their respective parties. Once again, there will be no clean sweep for the Republicans or Democrats as both parties have allowed incompetent, shiftless incumbants to remain on the ticket.

10:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zac you need to doa run down on every state senate seat day-by-day. tells who running in each seat and details. mybe even for the house

12:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

To the fourth post, go to Zac's Alabama Elections Directory for a list of candidates and incumbents.

There are only two incumbents in state-wide office I hate -- Troy King and Nancy Worley. Even though I usually lean toward the Democrats, Worley is the worst of the two. But the AG is more important, and Troy King is a moron.

1:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Ol'battleaxe said...

I don't know Troy. Why is he a "moron"?

3:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Why Troy is a moron said...

Because he is "stupid" as in "Forrest Gump-like I.Q."

5:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Troy King once wore an ankle braclet to get publicity for tougher sentaces for sex crimes. Worthy cause? Yes. But Troy's anctics are all show, all publicity. He's like one of those really bad televangelists. Also (and this is from my personal perspective):

*He's homophobic
*He apparently didn't realize until 2004 that AIDS could be spread without homosexual sex
*He set up a special unit to investigate welfare fraud. Sure, it's not a good thing, but I'm sure there is much more important things to focus on and it let's you know his priorities
*He constantly issues official statements on matters the AG's office has no involvment in
*His primary efforts as AG: Welfare fraud, workman's comp fraud and gambling is obviously targetting his election base and campaign contributers - whites, insurance companies and the Christian Coalition
*He constantly gripes about the separation of church and state
*A revealing quote:

"[Liberals] willingly send American soldiers to die in battles of intervention in faraway lands but they refuse to restrain their own sexual urges to prevent the spattering of infants' blood on the cold walls of an abortion clinic."

There's probably more, but I prefer Tyson anyway.

5:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me just say I'm very relieved. I have had the misfortune of working with Sellers on several occasions. He has to be one of the poorest attorneys as far as work habits that I have ever seen. Unfortunately due to confidentiality reasons I can not go into details but I've seen him cost more than one client and friend a chunk of change. He has a poor rep with his bretheren lawyers as well. King is a cut above ole Willy Sellers.

2:22:00 AM  
Blogger PoliSciZac said...

Assuming my blog continues throughout the election year, I will indeed profile several legislative races. Many races won't be competitive so I don't think there's much to talk about there, but there should be several interesting primaries on both sides and a few general election showdowns. For the most part I'll wait til closer (or after) the filing deadline since many of the races are still fluid.

I have already talked about each of the House special elections as well a handful of other races, but I'll certainly talk more about the legislative races in the future.

Thanks for your comment.

7:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares? do any of you think any elected person in alabama gives a rip about you? of course they dont, its line my pockets and set up my retirement.Just look at the massive fraud and govt corruption under bill pryor's nose and he never lifted a finger. could be because his campaign manager was a business partner with lanny young who committed all the fraud and corruption with don siegelman. now comes luther strange, who was bill pryors campaign manager.... do yall see a pattern here?
My lawyer in bham says strange is pawn for the utilities and king is owned by lowder jack miller and milton mcgregor, the same ownership group that owned terry butts and don siegelman.

Now it is easier for me to see how irrelevant the public is in alabama government.

9:22:00 AM  
Anonymous cloyd said...


10:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope its a good sign that while people ask why Troy is a moron, no one seems to have doubt that Nancy Worley is a moron.

1:50:00 PM  
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