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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Luther Strange to Switch to AG Race?

I first read about this rumor on another blog, Politics in Alabama, but I had a Republican source of mine come very close to confirming it this afternoon.

The rumor being that Birmingham attorney Luther Strange will now set his sights on the Attorney General's office. Strange has been running for Lieutenant Governor for months. However with George Wallace, Jr. sucking all the political oxygen out of the GOP primary, some Republicans have been encouraging Strange switch to the AG's race. Current Attorney General Troy King has had a rocky tenure since his 2003 appointment by Bob Riley.

I had heard the rumor about Strange opting out of the LG race, but now I've been told that it's likely Strange has made the decision to change horses. My source put the chances of Strange running for AG at "90%". So take that for what it's worth.

Just yesterday I posted that Troy King's path to the GOP nomination was starting to clear up, but now it seems things might get dicey for the AG. Strange has already raised a significant amount of money in his current race and can use it instead for the AG race. I don't know how a Strange/King matchup would shake out, but it would certainly put Troy King's coronation as the GOP nominee on hold. A competitive Republican primary would also be of potential benefit to presumptive Democratic nominee John Tyson. Tyson will be able to hoard his campaign cash while Strange/Tyson burn money in a race that could get nasty.

If Strange does indeed opt out of the LG race, it becomes difficult to see how George Wallace Jr. doesn't win the nomination without a runoff. Mo Brooks would be the only credible Wallace opponent and no one really expects him to give Wallace much trouble.

I think it's a smart move for Strange to change races. While a primary against Troy King is no certain proposition, Strange has much better odds in the AG's race. And a Strange switcheroo would further liven up an already exciting primary calendar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is truly wonderful news. Luther will wipe the floor with Troy's blow dried hair.

Luther is a real lawyer who has a vast amount of political experience in running campaigns and on policy issues. His connections within the GOP are deep as he's raised money for many current office holders. Luther has raised close to $1 million and still has around $850,000 cash on hand. Troy raised $600,000 but spent $300,000 on staff, balloons, t-shirts and staff parties. He only has $300,000 left over. Once Luther annouces, Troy's support will completely dry up.

Troy will probably switch and run for probate judge in Elba.

GOP stallwarts and the business community will breath much easier now that a credible candidate is in the race.

Over the last 3-4 months Troy's base began to erode with his silly position supporting California's marijuana law, letting jailed felons vote, failing to support the GOP redistricting law suit and supporting the expansion of gambling.

Will Sellers was going to run, but he and Luther met in Mobile over breakfast and Sellers agreed to step aside. Sellers and Luther have been friends for years and have worked on numerous campaigns together. After several GOP elected officials called Sellers, he agreed to release the statement that was published yesterday and removed himself from the race.

Watch Troy's campaign staff start to defect. Many are disillusioned and don't believe Troy can win. They are frustrated by his paranoia, insecurity and inability to make sound decisions.

Luther will bulk up the GOP ticket which is viewed by many down ballot candidates as a huge plus. No tears will be shed among local candidates to have Troy off the general election ballot.

7:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well lets hope that your prediction here is better than yours on Zeb Little getting out of the race. i think that Strange would be a good candidate

10:19:00 PM  
Blogger PoliSciZac said...

"well lets hope that your prediction here is better than yours on Zeb Little getting out of the race"

You and me both.

7:00:00 AM  
Anonymous elliot ness said...

Luther Strange is an effete dilletante who after spending years in DC cant even get help from the Republican Senators, who endorsed a shady george wallace jr.
Strange has as much sense being AG as Troy King does, absolutely none. The down and dirty truth is that Lowder, Miller, & Mcgregor own King, and Power company owns strange. What happens to justice in this equation?

9:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares? do any of you think any elected person in alabama gives a rip about you? of course they dont, its line my pockets and set up my retirement.Just look at the massive fraud and govt corruption under bill pryor's nose and he never lifted a finger. could be because his campaign manager was a business partner with lanny young who committed all the fraud and corruption with don siegelman. now comes luther strange, who was bill pryors campaign manager.... do yall see a pattern here?
My lawyer in bham says strange is pawn for the utilities and king is owned by lowder jack miller and milton mcgregor, the same ownership group that owned terry butts and don siegelman.

Now it is easier for me to see how irrelevant the public is in alabama government.

9:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the poster above who says troy will run for probate judge of elba. let me tell you, we dont want him or terry butts back in our fair city. they are not welcome.

9:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican, but unless someone with more experience turns up I'll vote for Tyson.

9:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh, to the above poster, luther strange was bill pryor's campaign chairman. his manager was clair austin, who was lanny youngs partner in their "lobbying" affairs. Either way, there is no way, strange could not have not known about the corruption going on.

10:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claire Austin? What's she doing these days?

11:17:00 AM  
Anonymous cloyd deason said...

I want to know what luther strange knew, and when he knew it, about the siegelman corruption with felon lanny young. Strange could also answer why bill pryor sat idly by and let this fraud occur. this may be bigger than we think. taxpayers deserve answers. was a deal cut with bill pryor and don siegelman and were lanny young and luther strange the lackies that put the deal together?

9:57:00 AM  
Anonymous montgomery mojo said...

what is luther strange's relationship with joe perkins, the goon that employs paul hamrick, the indicted siegelman thief?

8:15:00 PM  
Blogger Collin said...

When is Strange supposed to be announcing the change?

9:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of this is laughable. I know LS and he will be a strong candidate for LG. King need not worry that his competition comes from that source. All of this is Wallace-based rumors to deflect from the upcoming story of LS' strong financial showing on 1/31 reports. Wallace can't reach 50% + 1 in the GOP primary; most of those voters are in Strange's home areas of Jefferson, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, etc.; Mobile; and Madison. Remember, "in Birmingham they love the [Wallace] governor ...[not]"

Strange would be a great AG candidate, but his focus is set on LG.

12:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if george wallace reads this blog, strange will be running for county line because he has some mighty big questions to answer about the power company and pryor/sieglman corruption.

10:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to montgomery mojo, supposedly the perkins man and elmer harris, frmr ceo of alabama power, were run out of georgia in the 80 for felony election fraud. they settled in alabama and have reaped the harvest of our stupidity.

10:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange is still playing Hamlet with switching from Lt. Gov. to AG. He's run a poll that shows that while he can't beat Wallace, but that he can easily beat King.

King's polling data reveals that his name id is not that great and that Republican voters are particularly disturbed with his stance on the gambling issue in JeffCo and the felons voting issue. In a GOP primary, those issues easily defeat King. But, Luther has to decide if he is willing to hold
King accountable and run a negative campaign. King's negative are already high among conservative Christian voters, so Strange may not have to be as negative.

King's supporters are nervous that Strange might switch and they've been buring up the phone lines to heads of various trade associations to get King an early endorsement. Steve Windom and Terry Butts (who have assisted King and vice versa) have been particularly involved in this effort. That is one reason why the Alabama Real Estate Assoc. came out this early for King. Don't expect the same from the Oilmen, Defense Lawyers, Eagle Forum or Pharmacy associations.

King's financial backers have asked how he could spend 50 cents for every dollar raised in 2005. The explanation has been less than satisfactory. Many donors have indicated they will not provide additional resources until King shows some financial management.

Strange is convinved he can win, but whether his law firm would allow him to switch and the thought of entering into a race that is more of a fulltime job requiring his family to move to Montgomery is said to weigh very heavily against switching.

It will probably we a couple of weeks before he makes a final decision.

2:39:00 PM  
Anonymous q said...

i like your observations. they appear unvarnished. kings expenditures reflect the wishes of his backers, jack miller, bobby lowder, terry butts, and milton mcgregor. this is the same team that owned don siegelman and even today the mafia don terry butts defected from Roy Moore to siegelman team. siegelman's bham idiot lawyers (yes, doug jones is an absolute moron that only clinton in his corrupt trade off quid pro quo mind would ever appoint USATTY.)argue the same line of garbage bill baxley argued in front of judges already bought.
Im afraid the fix is in on siegelman. just look at the bowdre judge in bham that let scrushy go. well this fuller judge is a running buddy of the mafia butts.
I hope people in Alabama will wake up and riot for their 'invisible' civil rights. Sadly civil rights seem to only mean a free ride for black skin ner do wells. In reality, civil rights protect our constitutional promises. Unless you are jack miller, don siegelman, terry butts or other ethically challenged ner do wells that leech off our taxes every day.
Luther Strange is just like these people. He is an idiot and knows about utility fraud.

11:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

q - you don't know what you're talking about. Judge Mark Fuller was a District attorney in South Alabama before Bush appointed him. He had to practice in front of Terry Butts and doesn't hold Butt in high regard. Asked anyone who worked closely with Fuller. Butts tried to convince Scrushy that his close association with Fuller would help in the trial. Scrushy will be sorely disappointed. Fuller has no use for Butts.

But the real issue here is Strange and the Attorney General's race. Should he announce, King's race will be over abd he'll have to look for a job; Strange's firm won"t hire him. Your comments about Strange are as wrong as your comments about Fuller. Strange is not only a respected lawyer, but has deep roots in the Republican Party and is an incredible fundraiser. Strange is King's worse enemy! This explains why Terry Butts and Steve Windom are doing all they can to keep their boy in the AG's office. Strange will not let the office be run by politicians and lobbyists.

2:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

butts has other problems to worry about like his PSC activities and his 98 campaign account. But, his problems are no reason to think luther strange is qualified to be AG. Strange is perhaps more ethical than troy king, but that is not saying much. Mobile DA john tyson will destroy king in november. that fix is in and luther wasnt at the table when the deal was cut. many people want to know why pryor didnt investigate or know about lanny young and sieglemans activities because lanny's partner was claire austin who was an advisor to pryor. rumor also says siggy and pryor cut a deal on lanny's airplane.
I cant wait to see what lanny says under oath this spring. can anyone say impeachment?
what does luther strange know about this mess? there is no way he doesnt know about it.

6:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the most credible source within Luther’s campaign,he is committed to winning the Lt. Governor’s race. His fundraising has gone extrememly well, as everyone will see when filings come out on 1/31. There is zero chance that Luther is leaving the Lt. Gov. race.

7:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luther's polls and Wallace's polls show that Luther can't win the Lt.
Gov race. Even with his $1 million in fundraising, Luther would need 3 times what he has raised to defeat Wallace. Troy, on the other hand, is vulnerable and disliked by the GOP establishment. Troy's base has erroded and the usual GOP primary supporters will not support Troy based on his poor track record and lack of support for conservative causes. Luther is a smart guy and has been involved with campaigns for years, he will read the polls and realize that his best chance to serve as an elected official is to beat Troy King in June. With every opinion Troy issues (and every time he opens his mouth) he further alienates the GOP, this will be easy to do. Luther will switch in due time. Since Troy is self-destructing, there is no real rush for Luther to switch; Troy is running his own negative campaign. It could be March or April, but count on Luther to be on the the GOP primary ballot at a candidate for Attorney General. Troy should start sending resumes out now since he will be shortly out of a job!

9:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is strange to think the people of alabama want him? he has said lt. gov. now, since he cant beat an ethically challenged wallace family member, he thinks its cool to switch races and run against troy king. someone with this much ego who shops around for a race he thinks he can win is not a statesman. particularly when the stakes are as high as an ethical attorney general. how do we know strange wouldnt shop around who to investigate because he has no experience with anyone other than washington lobbyists. last i heard, washington lobbyists were cutting deals left and right to avoid the abramoff dragnet. maybe thats why strange is running for office in alabama. we seem to like electing theives to positions of high trust.

1:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who does anyone running for office think they are????

That is a silly post. Who is Troy King to think after his failures in office he should run for an office he is completely under qualified for? Probate Judge in Elba is about right!

People run for public office for different reasons. Troy King needs a job. His salary almost doubled when he became AG. Luther Strange will probably take a cut in pay when he becomes AG. So who is the real statesman? The man who has worked for the government his entire legal career or the man who has been in private law practice representing clients? Who has the most to gain personally by winning the race? Troy King who needs the job or Luther Strange who is sacrificing to serve? You Decide!

6:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you kill me. luther strange,lobbyist, ethical; all in the same sentence. luther, dont give up your day job, and hire a better apologist to post on these forums for you. you dont have a prayer, just look in the mirror and think.

8:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, after reading the strange campaign posts and the king campaign posts i wonder what riley will do? it looks like strange is an ethically challenged past middle aged graft artist and king is a ethically challenged kid who wants to be strange's age.
why did riley put himself in this position?

8:08:00 PM  
Anonymous ethan said...

hey, whats all this about luther strange? I want George Harris of bradley arant, to run against troy king. I know george and he is a decent man.

10:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Johnny M. said...

i too know george harris and i wish he was attorney general. he is no luther strange and that is why george can win. luther is an idiot with a big ego, and george is just a simple hard working honest guy. george knows the ropes of montgomery and is not corrupt. cant say the same for luther strange. It is George Harris' time to lead alabama!!

11:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George's last foray into politics got him excommunicated to montgomery by his partners at bradley arant. Perhaps they are trying to get rid of strange too. I dont blame them. Neither Harris nor Strange are fit for public service. Lobbyists are corrupt at the core, no matter how they hide behind pretty families and blue blood law firms. those 2 are no different from the siegelman crowd.

9:12:00 AM  
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