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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Landmark Party Switch

The lone Democrat on the Morgan County Commission switched to the GOP yesterday. The switch renders the body, which was unanimously Democratic prior to the 2000 elections, under complete Republican control.

However, commissioner Jeff Clark's switch seems to have been a long time in the making and looks to have more to do with his own deteriorating political situation than any principled decision making. Apparently scandals involving nepotism and/or favoritism have been swirling around Clark and his political conversion seems to be a "Hail Mary" effort to revive his political career.

However even if this specific instance isn't especially significant, the larger trend is ominous for Alabama Democrats. The example of the once Democrat dominated Morgan County Commission now controlled exclusively by the GOP is a microcosm of the Democratic decline of the past 10-15 years But it is not quite that simple as the pre-2000 Democratic strength of Morgan county is probably overestimated. In reality Morgan county is slightly more Republican than the state as a whole.

Incidentally Morgan county will play host to one of the marquee State Senate races. Longtime Morgan county Probate Judge Democrat Bobby Day will try to hold on to retiring State Sen Tommy Ed Roberts' (D - Hartselle) seat while Republican Arthur Orr attempts to wrestle it away.

Democrats need to start reversing the trends that have developed in places like Morgan county and 2006 will give them a fighting chance to do so.


Anonymous david in cullman said...

im not surprised, 2/3s of the votes in alabama are north of bham and well over 90% of those votes are white. democrats are the party of blacks and other special interests like aea and gays. the silent majority of whites are getting tired of grandaddies democrat party becoming a nut house of freaks and theives. Im not sure the republicans are any better, but at least they havent produced a siegelman yet either.

6:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's fine for insurance companies to get BCA to spend 3 million to make sure they don't have to pay up when a hurricane hits. But when teachers pool their money so they can try to get the state to spend more money on textbooks (and god forbid pensions for teachers!), they become a nut house of freaks and theives.

Don't get me wrong. I get your point, and I think you're right in general (especially about Siegelman). But the useless namecalling proves to me you're just a Repub hack with an extremist agenda.

8:13:00 PM  
Anonymous david in cullman said...

you presumptuous hayseed! I am a college student not a republican or a democrat and what i posted is what my family believes. we are poor to middle class people, like 99% of north alabama white people. If you want to call me names, dont do it to justify your loyalty to the corrupt union goon paul hubbert, you just add fuel to the fire of our beliefs in north alabama that montgomery is corrupt and owned by special interests that serve freaks and theives.

9:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, I think you're right that people think this way. And I'm sorry for calling you a Repub hack.

But the Repubs and BCA and ALFA have spent tons of money demonizing Paul Hubbert for years. But why? Hubbert's agenda is incredibly transparent: he wants better teacher pay, and more spending on education. I think it's fair to say that is a narrow agenda which gels with the beliefs of most public school teachers in Alabama. And frankly, that special interest is much more in line with the common interests of all Alabamians than the corporate welfare supported by the BCA and Billy Canary. So why do Alabamians fear Paul Hubbert and not Billy Canary? Because Billy Canary and the BCA have spent time and money and energy on demonizing Paul Hubbert, and Paul Hubbert hasn't played the same games with the money given to him by the teachers of Alabama.

I think you're right that a lot of middle class white Alabamians fear that the Democratic party has become the party of blacks and gays and Paul Hubbert. I think you're wrong about the reasons. John Giles and the Christian Coalition have spent the money they've gotten from Mississippi casinos telling Alabamians that Democrats support some radical homosexual agenda. If that were true, why did the DEMOCRATS in Montgomery get the constitutional amendment on gay marriage on June's ballot?

The white middle class north Alabamians have been hoodwinked by the wealthy special interests of John Giles and Billy Canary. The Democrats have been incompetent at communicating to the people of Alabama who the real thieves are. That's a tough task when you've got Don Seigelman and John Kerry at the top of the ticket.

But that doesn't mean that you and your family should buy into everything John Giles and Billy Canary want you to believe. Whose interests are really closer to yours: those of public school teachers and working class blacks or those of indian casinos and insurance executives?

12:26:00 PM  
Anonymous david said...

we dont buy into what anybody tells us, especially the christian coalition. Big business is just as corrupt as paul hubbert and his union. public school is a failure in alabama and yes, single parent black families and the union are the main reason in alabama.
I believe that no one elected in alabama represents or cares about regular white people. if you arent rich or black or gay or a corporation or a union goon, you have no voice. add to that the private lobbyist with shell pacs and money laundering talents that make the columbian drug lords jealous and no one can convince me otherwise that I have no voice in my elected government. sad but true.

2:20:00 PM  
Blogger Alabama Geographer said...

Dr. Paul Hubbert, Executive Secretary - Treasurer of the Alabama Education Association, has once again demonstrated his confusion between his current position and that of a candidate for public office. He has used the AEA website to support his candidates for public office, used AEA funds to help finance their campaigns, all without the consent of AEA members. Who told him that he could use the AEA funds as a political war chest for Democratic candidates or any candidates? Who authorized him to spend a dime of AEA funds for political purposes? Who said he had the right to publicly use AEA resources (website) or his position within the AEA to “pimp” his favorite Democrat. And in the process of alienating Republican candidates and members, he has started the process of diminishing the AEA’s purpose as an influential advocate for improvements in public education and teacher’s benefits. Guess what Paul, you live and work in a “RED” state. Most of the people who pay your salary are Republicans. You need to figure out who butters your bread before you burn down the bakery. I have asked many teachers why the AEA is publicly supporting candidates who have done very little or nothing for public education and they all point to “Paul” as the problem. If Dr. Hubbert doesn’t have the authority or support of the majority of AEA members for his political agenda maybe it’s time to replace him and get him to repay the money he has taken from the AEA coffers without members permission.

“Hubbert explains it like this: AEA and a business leader might both write $10,000 checks to a state Senate candidate. When the business leader goes to the polls, he has one vote. AEA has 2,500 members in the Senate district who will turn out to vote.”
Dr. Hubbert really believes he can dictate how the AEA membership will vote. How arrogate can one person be? If the business leader has 5000 employees can he count on their votes? This is just one more example of how power hungry Paul Hubbert has become or maybe he is just getting too old and out of touch with what is happening in Alabama today.

Madison, AL

BTW: Many Blacks are conservatives and Repulicans, Many folks in Northern Alabama are very well off, upper middle class. Most of Northern AL voted for Bob Riley.

10:38:00 AM  
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