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Monday, January 09, 2006

Best Beard in the Legislature

I went with Joseph Mitchell (D-Mobile), but it's not an easy call.

Of course there's nary a beard to be found in the State Senate, but fortunately there a few in the State House.

As far as I can tell the other contenders are Randy Davis, Mickey Hammon, Ronald Johnson, John Knight, Richard Lindsey, and Jim McLendon.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Mitchell does wear a fine beard. He is to be commended for not being afraid to display this masculine characteristic.

5:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After speaking before the Constitution and Elections committee in favor of the Initiatiative and Referendum (I&R) bill last year, Rep Mitchell came to me and thanked me for working on behalf of that issue. One of the other reps whose opinions I respect later told me that he considered Rep Mitchell to be one of the more astute and intellectual members of that body. His beard does seem to give him that sort of appearance.

6:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately since women's suffrage, beards have been largely out. It's not politically incorrect to say so, it's just the facts. Ask any political consultant.

Most women voters like the smooth face, clean cut, girlie-man televangelist look. They associate facial hair with Wild West bank robbers and drunks.

There are, however, a few exceptions. Some men wear a beard very well. The girlie-man image is replaced by a mature, grandfatherly look.

I look forward to the revival of the beard. As I get older, I'm cutting myself more often-- there are more lines and curves on my face than there used to be....

8:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully Zac's launching of the "Best Beard" award will contribute to the revival.

8:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only there were a cash prize connected to the award -- that would attract more politicians to the contest.

8:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen some women with nice-looking beards in some parts of our great state, so let's not deprive them of the joys and praise of beardhood.

9:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that now (by default) Ron johnson has the bet TOUPEE in the legislature as he appears to have the only one. In past years Al Knight, (now-congressman) Mike Rogers and Tom Hogan all sported pieces.

11:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One way to bring back beards is to have some wealthy donor pledge to give $50k to candidates who take a pledge not to shave their mane during an election. Any takers???

1:17:00 PM  
Blogger PoliSciZac said...

Glad, I've been able to open up a dialouge on this important issue.

One thing I noticed when thinking about this was that black male legislators are much more likely to have facial hair than their white counterparts.

I'd say a majority of the black male legislators at least have a mustache. Only a fraction of the white male legislators can say the same.

What I'd really like to see in the legislature are some killer sideburns. Maybe after the 2006 elections...

2:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great ideas for "feature" stories, Zac. Very nice suggestions from this astute (hirsute?) group of readers.

* Best toupee

* Best hairdo - male and female
(inspired by your Don v. Roy hair look-alike contest)

* Best mustache
(Handlebars RULE)

* Best Belt Buckle / Lapel Broach

* Most non-descript Buick sedan

* Best "Vintage" wardrobe
(Let's be honest - we have a few)

And maybe even a "Golden Chimney" award for the lobbyist/legislative aide who smokes the most cigarettes this session.

Just a thought. Thanks for the fun post... and for removing that bad post.

2:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see if any of the fat cat lobbyists start sporting facial hair. Then we will know it is a fad with legs.

4:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Zac sports a beard -- and that's the impetus for the award?

7:17:00 PM  
Blogger The Alabama Moderate said...

Being from D-50, Springville, I have to back Mr. McClendon on this one!

11:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beardy, beardy, beard

10:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha beardy beardy beard fest

11:00:00 AM  
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