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Friday, December 02, 2005

Jabo Jabo Hey

If I ever knew that GOP Senate Leader Jabo Waggoner was being looked at by the Ethics Commission then I had forgotten it. But apparently he is, or rather was. Waggoner announced yesterday that the commission told him they were shutting down the investigation after the complainant didn't have enough specific information about the allegations.

A.H. McCullough had filed a complaint with the commission alleging that Waggoner was...

"violating the state ethics law by using his public office to obtain private consulting contracts with medical firms and an engineering firm, and then using his position as a senator to help them get state contracts or to influence decisions of a state board that approves hospital construction projects."

But McCullough couldn't come up with specific names and dates resulting in the end of the proceedings. I enjoyed McCullough's statement: "I thought that was their job". I think I did too.
But either way Jabo is in the clear and next up on the ethics docket is Hank Sanders. Don't hold your breath that the commission will come down on Sanders either.

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