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Friday, December 23, 2005

He Said, He Said

State Finance Director and former Riley legal adviser Jim Main recently took issue with Terry Butts' recollection of an August 2003 meeting revolving around the 10 Commandments controversy between the Riley and Moore camps. I discussed the original article yesterday, and to be fair I thought I'd mention Main's rebuttal to Butts' version.

Butts indicated Main counseled Riley to wash his hands of the issue and let acting Chief Justice Gorman Houston remove the monument. Main counters that he never spoke to Houston about the issue before or after the Butts meeting.

Here's the relevant text:

Butts: "That was Main's advice: 'We don't have to do anything because Justice Houston and the court are going to do it for us. And that's just how it played out."

Main: "I had had no conversation with Gorman Houston prior to that meeting you wrote about, and I don't recall having a meeting with him afterward, either. And I certainly would not have made the kind of statements attributed to me by Terry Butts."
It's a relatively minor point as Main and Butts were not the primary actors in the first Riley/Moore showdown and don't look to have too high a profile in the upcoming one. Of course Gorman Houston could clear this up if he were so inclined. But something tells me he'd rather leave all this unpleasantness behind him. I don't blame him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry Butts memory is like swiss cheese and totally convenient. The truth is not in terry butts, but chicanery and carrying someone else's dirty laundry is right up his alley. Did Butts ever give an accurate accounting of his Campaign money or did he simply live off it and not report it?

How is it one cand go from 80k to 150k per year on jan cooks psc legal staff?

Although the PSC is independently worthy of an extensive FBI probe, Butts' presence and power at the PSC necessitate an immediate federal investigation

11:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I disagree generally with his politics, Jim Main is an honest and good person. Terry Butts is neither. I only wish that Butts would have run for Lt. Gov. as Roy Moore's running mate. I would have made a fortune off of bumper stickers saying "No Moore Butts"

11:48:00 AM  
Anonymous cloyd deason said...

you can send me one of them, and siegelman may special order some that say 'get moore butts"

11:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

12:11:00 PM  
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