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Monday, December 12, 2005

ADP: Movin' On Up

The Alabama Democratic Party recently upgraded it's state party headquarters. The ADP moved from an office in the Bell Building in downtown Montgomery to a nearby one story building. Here's the ADP's blog description of their new digs.
At any rate, this move is great news. Not only are we closer to the state house and capitol, but we have parking, and plenty of room to grow and fill offices with volunteers and staff.
Sounds nice. Also sounds expensive. State party chair Joe Turnham has a reputation as a bit of spendthrift so it's interesting to see the Dems move from the office space they've occupied for over 5 years to a more expensive locale less than 4 months after his assumption as state chair.

I wonder if any of the $700,000 the ADP is getting from the DNC (supposedly to staff up and maintain the voter file) was used to make the move?

Either way it looks like Alabama Dems finally got their piece of the pie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Turnham a spendthrift you say? Please provide a link or a cite to back up your supposition. I have known Joe for years and he is no spendthrift personally, politically or professionally. If anything, the democrat party will be accountable under joe for the money is spends, unlike its predecessors under grand jury investigation.

10:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah - you need to back up your depiction of Chairman Turnham.

I have met the chair and I believe he will be very good for our party. Also, it might surprise you to know that the ADP is completely dependent on DNC funding (which I suspect is nowhere near $700,000). I have given money, and I will do so again. Chairman Turnham is a hard fundraiser.

12:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they need extra funding, they should try Indian Casinos.

4:03:00 PM  
Blogger PoliSciZac said...

It's my understanding that the ADP was not in good financial shape immediately after Turnham's first term as chair.

Turnham made financial promises to many candidates that the ADP had to renege on because they just didn't have the money.

I am not saying Turnham is a good chair or a bad chair, but there is a perception that he likes to spend money and the new HQ is consistent with that.

And the $700,000 was a figure quoted by Redding Pitt right before he left as chair.

4:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the party probably wasnt in good shape financially when turnham left because he doesnt play financial shenanigans with the FEC and launder money for the lottery and other non party matters. Siegelman, and his chairman Jack Miller and that anthony fant guy ran the party like kids in a sandbox. only now, the feds are burying the t*rds as quick as grand juries can indict them. Thank God Joe Turnham is our chairman and the dixie mafia of old is out.

4:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think one of the persons who commented here accidentally said "the ADP is completely dependent on DNC funding," but meant to say independent of DNC funding, which would actually be correct. Most of us know this is a fact because Alabama is not a targeted state and therefore no DNC money has been directed to Alabama in many many years. This is evident on there FEC reports. But to the point, the 700K was in fact quoted by Pitt and is probably a wee bit high, because if you take the four promised positions (3 field organizers at 30K/yr and 1 communication person at 35K/yr multiplied by the 3 year commitment by Dean) you really have a commitment of $375K). Nevertheless and more importantly, that money is earmarked specifically for those staff positions (and it's no secret btw), so the staffers will be paid directly, as they are in other states, and the commitment by Dean and the DNC can't be used in any way for any other operating or campaigning costs. No offense, but my suggestion to this bloggar and others would be to get in contact with people on the state committee, within the party, or even call the party staff and ask them what the real deal is before making fabricated assumptions.

5:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Weezy said...

ADP: Movin ON UP" is to me a tongue in cheek truism about all democrats, and putting black people pictures in title is too.
There aint nothin left in the alabama democrat party but don siegelman thieves, paul hubbert and joe reed ner do well leeches, and other inbred trough feeding scum suckers.

12:33:00 PM  
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