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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alabama Flunks Campaign Cash Test

Alabama received a "failing" grade from a California based advocacy group measuring the transparency and accessibility of campaign finance information. The California Voter Foundation ranked Alabama as one of the four worst states at disseminating such information.

Secretary of State Nancy Worley is responsible for making public campaign financial disclosures and does so through her state website. Though the SoS site contains all the relevant information, it is too cumbersome and difficult to navigate, says the group.

The Alabama secretary of state Web site, which offers state voter information, is primitive, said Saskia Mills, spokeswoman for the California Voter Foundation. It does not let users manipulate data to find out more about a particular candidate, she said.

"People deserve to know who is funding candidates, and it's tough in Alabama," Mills said.
I've looked at the campaign finance section of the SoS site a few times and I've always been able to eventually find the information I want. But the system could certainly be more advanced and easier to use.

Hopefully, this report will motivate Worley to improve the campaign finance portion of the SoS site. Knowing who is funding our candidates is a vital tool citizens must have to maintain a thriving democracy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if we had real disclosure laws, not pac to pac transfers, siegelman wouldnt be on his way to living in prison for many years. sunshine is the perfect disenfectant!

9:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All campaign finance laws are unconstitutional. Who cares about how much I want to spend on a race? It's my money. If a politician can be bought for a million dollars, he can be bought for $100. Setting limits on contributions does nothing but violate our personal property rights.

2:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just ask terry butts about living out of a campaign account and not getting indicted. of course we flunk the test, because no one showed up to take it.

9:06:00 PM  
Blogger watchman said...

You expect Worley to make campaign finance information more accessible when she can't even follow the reporting rules herself?

1:10:00 PM  
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I like it when people come together and share ideas.

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